Water; My Friend

1 min readJun 14, 2022


Image from Free! anime

Tearing down the sheet of cold water,

Diving into the limitless void,

Blues engulfing me,

Like mother’s warmth, I realized

Water is alive.

Aim as clear as crystal,

Carving an opening into the cold blue world,

Hungry as a shark,

I hunt sweet dreams.

Flexing with the flow, swirling and snuggling,

With limitless thoughts

That reflects back, I realized

Water is my friend.

Bounded yet infinite limits

Of raging blue world,

Bares its fangs,

On those who resist; may you realize

Water is your friend.

A view never visible,

To those who resist,

Go with the flow, for you will realize

Water is alive.

Growing inside the blues,

From an infant to a human full grown,

My skin engraved with it,

We accept each other.

O, my future self!

May you get that treasure you lost,

May you take your final breaths,

In those merciful arms,

That is eternally alive.




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